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Psychic Fuel: Powerful Motivation For The Mind And Body

By Audrey Muhammad


How powerful is our mind?  Do we really realize the force behind this “muscle” that we can say to it, “Be and it is?”   What kind of fuel should we use to build it?  Psychic is referring to the mind or “psyche” which includes our “human soul or spirit” and also our “psychological structure.”  How do we know what our psychological structure is supposed to be?  It is not through studying psychology, it is by studying the “Creator” of our mind and what HE had in mind for us.  We must study what will give our mind the “power” our “Creator” had.   Farrakhan mentioned in Closing the Gap that the highest level of communication is in discussing the revealed word of God.  He also mentioned that truth has power and can help “energize” you.  He said, “that the level of energy, light, spiritual power that is contained in right words, communicated from the right motivation, energizes the brain of the recipient of such word.  That energy is delivered to every part of the body, thereby, increasing the energy level of that person”(Closing the Gap 319).  Prayer strengthens our faith by connecting us with our Creator.   Fasting and “meditation,” which is “a continued or extended period of contemplation or thought, helps to “discipline” the mind.  We need both.  Therefore, we should want to “fuel” our bodies with what is best for us, which is “meditating on” and “fueling” ourselves with the word of God.

What do I mean by fuel?  Well, we know fuel is often referred to as “coal or oil or something that can be burned to create heat or power”(  But fuel also refers to something that “encourages” or “nourishes.”   Food can nourish you and a good word can encourage you.  Why must we have good food for the mind AND the body?  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “We can eat the best food, we can take fasts for nine days or for 20 or 30 days if we want to; and we will still suffer if we do not feed the brain with the right food.  These two bodies—the brain and digestive tract—have much in common with one another.  Whatever hurts one hurts the other.  We must treat both well” (How to Eat to Live Book I, p. 57).

You can treat your body well by eating AND cooking food that is in agreement with How to Eat to Live.  One of the first vegetarian dishes I began cooking was vegetarian lasagna, but I wanted to be in agreement with what the Messenger said about pasta(processed food.)  He said, “Do not eat spaghetti and macaroni at every meal.  If you are overweight, do not eat it at any meal, and if you want to live a long time, do not eat it at any meal.  Food such as spaghetti and macaroni is processed, not cooked thoroughly, and is hard to digest(How To Eat to Live Book Two p.11).   I began cooking my lasagna with “whole wheat” tortilla shells and I used them to “layer” my lasagna instead of the pasta.  I have been making it that way for the past several years and no one has noticed any difference when I tell them what I used.  Basically, there is a substitute for about everything.  (I’m still working on some replacements).  Just as we replaced “sweet potato pie” with the DELCIOUS “supreme bean pie,” we can replace other food items.  Instead of “mashed potatoes” made with starchy and fattening white potatoes, try steaming cauliflower and then blending it with a little milk, butter, sea salt and garlic to have a wonderful “healthier” version of “mashed potato-like” food.

In addition to eating “one” meal of day, we will get the best results and not have to worry about gaining weight if the food we eat is the best which is “low calorie, high water content foods” such as: navy bean soup, vegetables, fruit (as an appetizer) and whole wheat bread.  These foods are “how to eat to live” foods that are in line with the earth and our bodies since both are 70% water and 30% land(solid).  We often eat meals that are the opposite and wonder why we have all this “land” on our body.  A meal with fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, white bread and a “teaspoon” of green beans is TOO MUCH LAND and will “stick” to us because not only is it fattening, this type of meal doesn’t have enough “water” and fibrous food which aids in the digestive process.  If you ever get a chance to visit St. Louis, check the restaurant section in “Yours Market,” owned by a group of Muslims who unified to form this business.  They have navy bean muffins and array of “how to eat to live” foods that are wonderful replacements for foods we love.  I can’t tell you about the vanilla bean donuts.  Shhh!

Lastly, we can treat our body well by exercising.  Again, use some “psychic fuel” and exercise.   Say to yourself, “I can do it!”  An EXCELLENT lecture that is “guaranteed” to make you want to exercise is “God’s Healing Power,” a CD that can be ordered via  In this lecture done in 1991, Minister Farrakhan discusses how he hired a personal trainer and wanted to get in the best shape possible.  He said that we can gain weight off of one meal a day if our bodies are sedentary; we NEED “physical fitness.” As the Minister has said, “There is nothing more powerful than a made of mind.”  We have time to exercise.  If you have time for Facebook, you have time to exercise.  If you have time to play X-Box 360, you HAVE time to exercise, just “re-arrange” your time.

May Allah bless us all with peace, love, health, wealth and happiness.

(Audrey Muhammad is the author of the new book, Get Fit to Live: Be your best you!, available at and the Respect for Life Bookstore. Her audio book, Get Fit to Live is also available. To order the Book and get a FREE copy of the audio book CD, send a $12 money order(plus $3 shipping) to Get Fit To Live, P.O. Box 61402, Raleigh, NC , 27661. Please consult a physician before beginning any new exercise or dietary program.)


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