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"Honoring Our Roots Beyond February: Mothers of Civilization Day Sparks Global Celebration"

Updated: May 23


Raleigh, NC - In honor of Black History Month, “Mothers of Civilization Day” proudly emerges as a source of inspiration to celebrate and unite African roots and Black history.  It acknowledges Black history did not begin in America; it began in Africa with Black and Indigenous women as the foundation.  Several Black publications, like Black Enterprise Magazine, have highlighted the new holiday. However, the limited coverage hasn’t stopped the founder of the day from spreading the word for the impactful holiday which falls on Nov. 24 each year (

Dr. Audrey Muhammad, educator and visionary founder of Mothers of Civilization Day, states that this groundbreaking holiday is a way for us to uplift and honor the vital contributions of women of African and Indigenous descent to the foundation of civilization.  “This holiday is so important because it incorporates our heritage as mothers of civilization; the first women on the planet. Our self-esteem is often linked to what we believe about ourselves and our history. We are often only taught the history of Black people being enslaved and not embracing our beauty.  I remember my cousin telling me a story about the time he was missing an eraser in his classroom when he taught math in South Africa many years ago. When he asked about his eraser [duster], another student pointed in the back and said, ‘She has it, she wants to be beautiful.’  Sure enough, a young girl was using it to pat white chalk on her face.  I was shocked that the European standard of beauty had affected the motherland also.  However, Mothers of Civilization Day helps to instill pride and gratitude for being a Black woman. 

The first national celebration for this unique holiday was held via zoom.  Dr. Ava Muhammad sent in a special message for the event that can be viewed at the end of this story.   The first Mothers of Civilization Day book-signing was in Houston, Texas.  Our culture is rooted in culture and refinement.  “When I think of royalty, I think of African Kings and Queens; this holiday helps us showcase this rich history.”

Layered in a rich fabric of culture, resilience, and wisdom, “Mothers of Civilization Day stands as a testament to the invaluable role that Black and Indigenous women have played throughout history. From Queen Nzinga to Harriet Tubman to Michelle Obama, the fearlessness of Black women stands true.  Black women have not only passed down customs from generation to generation but have also nurtured our communities and preserved our cultural heritage.

How do you celebrate “Mothers of Civilization Day?” It is a day that you take the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and aunts and put them in a “circle of love” and have each family member share a positive word about each woman. It is also a time for a history lesson and to let the children know that they are looking at the first women to be on the planet. You can do this at a family gathering or on a Zoom. Some may even celebrate it during that Thanksgiving weekend since many families will be together. It is a non-religious, non-commercialized Holiday. More information about the day can be found on the National Archives Day website, which now lists it as a national day at

Black history can truly be celebrated throughout the year because the Mothers of Civilization website allows men and women to pay tribute to the “Mothers of Civilization” in their lives throughout the year.  They can give an “honor” any day of the year at  The honor will be placed in their listing and stay on the website forever. In this digital world, children and grandchildren can now read about their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, etc. Virtue Today Magazine is the media sponsor for the day. To support the day, sign up to be on the email list at

As the holiday gains momentum, Dr. Audrey Muhammad envisions “Mothers of Civilization Day” spreading beyond borders, reaching across America to Africa and beyond. She plans to travel to schools, colleges, and organizations throughout America.  She is available for interviews or speaking engagements at schools and conferences. If you would like to contact her, please email virtuetoday or text/call (336) 901-0122.

Video of Dr. Ava Muhammad honoring Mothers of Civilization Day:




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