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Families of Faith

A Virtuous Conversation with Sis. Terri and Bro. Nuri Muhammad


Virtue - How do you both help your children develop their faith?  

Bro. Nuri - Well, I would say in opening, that our beloved Minister and Master teacher, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has so thoroughly taught us that strive to follow him on every subject of life including parenting, that he, in his exegesis and explanation of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad have turned life into an open book test. So the formula that I and we have tried to use to follow to help comes from Study Guide No. 1 where the Minister says the best and only way to produce change in others is to lead by example…We have tried to be good examples of operating in faith and stepping out and operating ON faith to do things in the name of Allah.

What we try to tell our children is not just to keep the 5 daily prayers, but also pray as often as you possibly can and always step out asking Allah’s will to be done. And hope that your will and His will is the same. One of the formulas for a personal prayer we strive to be an example of and explain to our children is in doing those personal prayers is to start off the prayer with gratitude, thanking Allah(God) for whatever He has allowed you to be or do or have. And point number two is to seek and ask forgiveness for any sin, transgression or wrongdoing or even the neglect of not doing what we should have done…And then put in your request of what you are asking Allah (God) to help you with and then close out with gratitude. That formula seems to be a good formula to help ourselves and our children to

operate with a pure motivation with whatever they are doing when they are stepping out on faith.

The Minister also said that nothing speaks louder than an example. Most of us who are parents do know that whoever came up with this, it is accurate, that children do not what you say, children do what you do. So whatever we would like our children to be, we try to be what we want to see out of them. The Quran says work so that Allah, and the Messenger and the Believers can see your work. So I try to make sure my children see me praying, see me studying, see me doing things that are exercises of faith so they will know that this is the outlet that you plug into to get your power to move out into the world to achieve the objective that you have.

Sister Terri - We have always taught our children the knowledge and reality of God as taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, from the very beginning, and how Allah(God) created Himself out of triple darkness, and my husband would go into the depths and the science, of such an extremely difficult task, that involved. The mindset Allah "had", to have, mind, over matter. The extreme patience He had to have; the tremendous amount of faith He had to build and demonstrate, etc.. We taught them, as we are taught, that Allah destroyed impossibility when He created himself out of triple darkness. And so we taught them, WHATEVER they can envision, they can achieve and bring into reality.

As a mother/ M.G.T. I read English Lesson C1 to my children, every day as prescribed to us as a bedtime story to our children. As they got a little older, I taught them how to pray. And we taught them the importance of developing their own relationship with Allah, and to call on Him, (all the time!) for all the assistance and needs that they would need in life.