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A Virtuous Conversation with Dr. Ava Muhammad

(Virtue magazine recently interviewed Dr. Ava Muhammad on this very special topic, “A Nation can Rise No Higher than it’s Woman:  A Divine Law.”  You will gain so much amazing insight from this interview to begin implementing immediately in your life). Spring 2012


Virtue(V) – Why can a nation rise no higher than its woman?  Why is this concept more than a slogan?

Dr. Ava Muhammad (AM) -It is really a divine law and shouldn’t be taken as slogan or like it is a statement that pays lips service.  It is a mathematical fact and a reality.  It is due to a spiritual and physical reality because ALL life came through the FEMALE.  No one came on the planet without the vehicle of a female.

V- “I [woman]am the door”..with Allah (God).

AM – [laughter] Yes. Exactly.   [God] feds the child’s brain through the mother.  The child’s self image is developed by the mother.  The environment the mother is in, how the mother feels about father, etc. all shapes the child.  All nations are judged by moral conduct by the woman of society.  There is a direct connection between the moral standards by the woman and the standards of society because of their moral standards help enforce them in society.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it is the nature of the female to demand good treatment.  It depends on what she thinks of herself.  It is the absolute root of our society.

V – How can we help get rid of envy?  I remember you saying something very true at the beautiful Women’s event that you spoke at in Charlotte, NC.   You mentioned that the more we celebrate our sister’s success, the more success we will have.

AM – We help get rid of it by living this concept, “Accept your own and be yourself.”  In the story of Cain and Abel, Cain did not “accept his own” and “be himself.”  Envy is rooted in being angry at God at what he has given another.  You have “rejected” what God has given to you.  When God has given you a gift, you must accept it.  We have to get into contact with our spiritual self.  The ego self is immature and shallow and tells us lies.  We start saying, “Why isn’t that me?”  Because IT IS NOT you;  YOU are YOU.

If you would focus on what God has given you, you will be just as powerful.  I can’t sing, but I’m not “hating on” Chaka Khan because Allah(God) gave her that voice.  I am focused on what he gave me and the more I focus on myself and my purpose(which is helping the Minister), the happier I am.

V – How can we help build our sisterhood?

AM – All us have gifts.  That is why a sisterhood is so critical.  One reason white woman have the status  they have in society is because they function as a coalition and demand good .  Elijah Muhammad said,” where there are no decent women, there are no decent men.”   We cannot  have an every man for himself .  Whites have a mentality of “ALL of us are going to be on top” or All on the bottom.

We have to manifest our “mother nature” quality and not suppress it.  The essence of who we are is Mother Nature.  This society has twisted it and tried to make it replace the Creator.   It is our nature to be mothers.  We were robbed of the natural ability to be nurtures.  We are in survival mode.  The highest self is not active in us when we are just in survival mode, as I mentioned in my book Queen of the Planet Earth.  The only man who came before us is the Man that created Himself.   We are the “mother of nature” and it is our “NATURE” to be a mother.  We suppress it by being so focused on being a white woman.  Although the white woman has been made the “standard of beauty,” they spend thousands of dollars on Botox and plastic surgery trying to get lips and bodies like us.  We are not blond looking hookers.  We have to project the image of the black woman in her “true form” which is the purpose of this magazine.


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