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Jeffery “Black Dynomite” Muhammad: Kosher Wave Brush©™

Barber | Educator | Product Developer | Motivational Speaker


When it comes to products/tools used within barbershops worldwide, many won’t know his name however his inventions have helped revolutionize the Barbering Industry. His inventions such as the following: the Cord Detanglers, Barber Magic Pencil, Barber Dry Shampoo, Da Blend N Pen & Airbrush Technique, Da Barber Fibers, Deep Tissue Facial Cleansing Products, Barber Pole Light up necklace & the Shawty Red Hotpick©™ products for the beard have given barbers an opportunity to provide better services for their clients since 1995.

Who is this revolutionary black man? APDTA first and foremost! He’s a man of God, husband, father, barber of 30 years, leader within his community & a mighty FOI!! His name is Bro. Jeffery "Black Dynomite" Muhammad, an original Atlanta native while in high school became a lover of men’s fashion and hair. At 20 years old, he decided to pursue a career in Cosmetology however Barbering was where he discovered his passion! As he began to achieve success as a barber, Jeffery realized he wanted to be more than a “behind the chair” barber. One day while working, he got fed up with his clipper cords constantly tangling as he cut client’s hair making it difficult doing his job. At that moment, he knew it was a need to create revolutionary barbering products that would bring ease for him and other barbers. So in 1995, Jeffery invented his first product The Cord Detanglers. Being an NOI/FOI member, he began to put into practice of “Doing for Self” from the many teachings by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan which encouraged him to start his own business, S.enterprise.

Bro. Jeffery Muhammad was first introduced to Islam by his mother in 1989 when she brought home a circular pin with a picture of Honorable Elijah Muhammad on it which sparked a curiosity within himself. A few months later a high school friend’s brother brought him to his first meeting at Muhammad Mosque #15 and he’s been a faithful member and faithful charity giver to this day. Jeffery also enjoys providing haircuts at the Hosea Williams Feed the Homeless event in Atlanta, he’s a lover of our people, believes in bringing hope and salvation to the ones who are lost so they can join their own once again. He also enjoys being a motivational speaker at High schools, Barber colleges and even elementary schools during Career Day! 

“Find a need, Fix a need” is the mantra Bro. Jeffery Muhammad lives by when it comes to inventing products. Since the pig is a forbidden animal to Muslims, his newest idea came about when Jeffery realized there weren’t any other alternatives for waves/hair brushing other than using a plastic brush or the Boar (PIG) bristle brush. He wanted to create a brush that was the best alternative that didn’t put impurities in the hair/scalp like a traditional boar brush nor scrape the scalp like plastic bristle brushes.

So once again, his newest invention/product has taken over the Barbering Industry by storm! It’s the first & ONLY Kosher Wave Brush©™! It’s handmade, Halal approved, kosher, eco friendly, 100% animal cruelty free & made from the Agave Lechuguilla plant in Mexico!! It stimulates the scalp by removing toxins and top layer debris allowing the scalp to regenerate healthy blood flow and oxygen to dead skin cells which brings forth a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp produces a healthy head of hair!! Now that’s AWESOME!

The Kosher Wave Brush©™ & the ”No Pig on my Wig©™” slogan was launched in August 2017 at the Bronner Bros Hair Show, the 2017 Family Summit Conference in Atlanta & in Feb 2018 at Savior’s Day in Chicago with OVERWHELMING SUCCESS!! His greatest accomplishment was being able to be a blessing to the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan with one of his brushes during the 2017 Family Summit Conference. He was also introduced to The Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan’s personal barber during Savior’s Day 2018 in Chicago. He loved the brushes as well and made a purchase! You can check out our products on our websites at & for the brush.


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